Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Manga Drawing Deluxe

My first How to Draw Manga book "Manga Drawing Deluxe" (in English) has been released, you can buy it online/ a bookstore now.. I have drawn many instruction drawings for Chris Hart's how to draw manga books, acceding to his request, but I did everything this time. It was not easy, hard work but it was worth it. 
German edition is on the line, it will be released in September. 

”Introduction” of Manga Drawing Deluxe.

My name is Nao Yazawa. l'm a Tokyo-based, self-taught manga artist and teacher. Throughout the years, I've searched for good how-to books for drawing manga to use in my class- especially ones that discuss composition and story/panel flow. I finally decided to make one myself.

Manga Drawing Deluxe isn't your ordinary how-to book. I wrote it with a story-line, so you can follow Anne and her brother Dan along their manga adventure, guided by two manga elves and me (with a little help from my cat, Kuro).

I've included as many topics about drawing manga as possible. From drawing characters to composition, you can learn the entire manga-making process here. My hope is that you can use this book for many years, so I included some advanced techniques in the background and construction sections.

Once you embark on your (and Anne's and Dan's) manga journey to get an idea of the manga drawing process, you can go through this book in order or jump to whichever part you'd like to focus on -- face, body, background, or composition. Learning how to compose a graphic novel will give you a new perspective on manga and will help you enjoy reading them even more.

lf you don't draw manga, this book is a good resource to learn how Japanese artists create their work.

I hope you enjoy this book and learn a lot about how to draw manga!





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