Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tools which are available at Manga School Nakano

Manga-pen set. (A pen holder, G-pen nib, Maru-pen nib, and Saji-pen nib)
*this is a multi pen-holder, for all the three kind pen nibs)
Manga ink, White Ink, Brush(for White), Misnon (white liquid)

G-pen-nib box (10nibs) Maru-pen nib box (10nibs)

Brush-pen, Cartridge of Brush pen.

Manga Paper A4 & B4

Screen tone
Manga starter set A and B

Manga pen-nib

Manga paper

Screen tone A (4 sheets)

Screen tone B (4 sheets)

After you ordered the goods on our shop, Manga School Nakano send you a confirmation e-mail.The goods will be posted within 2 weeks.

Manga School Nakano inform you when the parcel is posted via email.

There are some online-shops you can buy manga supplies on, but you might not sure what you should buy, or where you can buy. Besides, Manga goods are very expensive outside Japan. That's why we are selling manga tools here, for our students. We get no profit from this to keep the low price. (Manga School Nakano takes 10% of the cost for commission charges.)

Because we are not a manga shop, we might keep you wait, apology in advance.

Shipping cost

Shipping Cost: Please choose EMS or SAL from your living place. (about under 300g, we offer you airmail or EMS) from the list of the delivery method. (They are so many choices - please be patient and choose the right one!)

EMS is fast and safe, you can trace your parcel on the web.
SAL(Economy Air mail) is slower, and untraceable.

You can read about EMA and SAL on Japan Post site.

You can buy more manga tool here (international shipping.)
Deleter manga shop for overseas

If you have any information a good online manga shop, please share it with us! Thank you.

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