Friday, March 31, 2017

New How to draw video

Thanks for many retweets videos from Nakano Let's Draw, I've been sorry we didn't provide any new clip for such long time.

At last, I upload a new video clip to Let's Draw Nakano, Manga School Nakano youtube channel.  New start! ^^;

Although we've started again, still looking for help - video editing work is a big problem for us. If anyone who can make video clips with subtitles from raw video, just let me know!

Staff of this video

Nao Yazawa: Draw. Me, teacher of Manga School Nakano.

Takashi Matsumoto: Cameras.  The Camera owner and shooter. (TeamUp staff)

Mark Egan: Edit
He takes on a lot of work - edit the video, put the subtitle, make summary and and ...

The 1st video is "introduction", showing the entire process with fast movie. Normal speed video clips of each section with subtitles (my instruction) is going to follow
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