Saturday, February 10, 2018

Short manga course in 2018, Aug.

 for beginner
6 People more until minimum number of participants right now.

Date:   August 29th 
Level: Beginner (for everyone, from 8 years old) 
Contents: 2 lessons (1.5 hours each) 
Fee:      JPY 8000 (You can use the school's manga supplies.)
★This is actually a trial course. We have set the course at a special price because we want to see if it is possible to have it on a regular basis in the future. 
Regular price of the same lesson:  One-to -one  15,000 yen  
                                                        In a group(5-9 ppl)  10,500  yen/person. 
 You can save more than 20%! Don’t miss this chance! 

Application period:
          20th February - 30th June.
How to apply:
  1. 1)  Fill application web form.
  2. 2)  You will receive a confirmation email from school.
  3. 3)  We will email you when we have enough applicants by 20th June(*).
  4. 4) Pay deposit.(**) (We'll send you money request email after this course is officially approved)
  5. 5)   The rest of tuition should be paid on the first day, in cash.
    (*) The minimum amount of participants are 6 people. Maximum is 8.
If the number of applicants do not reach 6 people, this activity will be cancelled automatically. 
(**) Deposit will not be refunded when you cancel this activity. We’ll take it as a cancellation fee. 

Contents  How to draw manga character (face)

Lesson 1
Drawing face step by step
Front, three quarter, profile
After step by step practice, start pencil drawing for inking on Manga Paper.

Lesson 2
How to use manga pen and screen tone.
After a few practice, ink drawing which students has done the first half and complete it.

More students' works are posted on our FB page.
If you have any questions, send message or leave comment here!

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