Sunday, December 4, 2016

Nakano Let's Draw

I have been thinking for a while to make some video clip, How to draw manga series.

I'm having manga lesson class, both in person and online already. I think that is the best way learning manga (In person > Online), but attending manga class is not easy to everyone. The costs, schedule, and shyness...

I got some people who can help me, Masao-kun and Pirrip-kun! ! With them, I've started Manga drawing video clip project now!

This is the first video clip, about how to draw faces. This version is about 10 minutes. We'll make short video clips, about 10 min. /3-5 min. because it easily can be watched anytime.

We are not in this building anymore, though - have moved. ^^;

It's just started. Camera angles, positions, constructions, we'll improve them by try and error.

It's free. That because every member is kindly helping me with no charge. I'm thinking to get some income by advertisement - I could pay some to them by that, if we got many subscribers and views.

Please share the video clips and subscribe our channel "Nakano Let's draw" and give us your feedback! We can keep doing it or not - it depends on you!

We are planning one new video every week! Don't miss it!

Manga School Nakano old youtube channel (Manga School Nakano) is still active, you can watch some Online free session records, some video clips (coloring, inking etc. ) here.

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