Saturday, July 18, 2020

Students' works

Students' drawings are displayed on Manga School Nakano Instagram

Books you can buy at Manga School Nakano

There are some books (in English) you can buy from the author directly, at Manga School Nakano. With author's sign, of course. 

Manga Drawing Deluxe 1800 yen 
Renowned Japanese manga artist, international instructor, and illustrator of the Wedding Peach series Nao Yazawa guides you step by step through all phases of manga drawing, from developing characters to creating a story line and story boards.

Moon and Blood (special edition) 284 pages 1000yen
When high schooler Sayaka awoke one morning, she found an unexpected guest at the family kitchen table -- Kai, a cool, handsome, aloof, and so-called family friend of Sayaka's father. His temporary stay in her household and attendance to Sayaka's school is more than she's bargained for. But what secrets does Kai hold? What are his true intentions for his sudden appearance into Sayaka's life? Where does he disappear to every night? And what's up with that black cat? 

Nozomi (full color comic), 58 pages 600 yen
A shy young girl whose life changes the day she wishes on a falling star. Her wish is unexpectedly granted but not in the way she expected. A playful demon comes to Earth to teach her about love… the hard way. Full color, 59pages

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Program has started

Lesson with Manga Drawing Deluxe 
6 months + graduate work

"Manga Drawing Deluxe" is this school's teacher, Nao Yazawa's How to draw manga book. It covered all process of manga drawing, making story to background.

The students study with this book, start from drawing character, background, effect and story&storyboard. The teacher (Nao Yazawa) checks the result and give some advice and new homework every week.
And as the graduate work, he/her supposed to draw a short one shot story manga. (16-24 pages)

(For online lesson, it sets 12 months program)

Manga Drawing Deluxe course (6 months / once a week)

You can take one / some subjects you like separately.In each section, the student draws 1 or 2 inking illustration.
  • Face  Basic 4 times  Advanced 4 times 
  • Body Basic 8 times Advanced 8 times
  • Background Basic 8 times Advanced 8 times 
  • Composition 8 times
+ graduate work One shot manga around 16 pages (under 24)
  • Plot 4 times
  • Storyboard 4-8 times
  • Character sketch 2 times
  • Inking   2 times
  • Background 4 times
  • Inking background 2 times
  • Tone-work 1-2 times