Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Standard Lesson General Information

We accept new students of our Standard manga class anytime.

This lesson is held in a Manga School Nakano classroom. Basically, it is a private lesson, but if you book as a group, the tuition will be comparatively cheap. (See Tuition in below)

Manga School Nakano has some manga tools for students, so you can come to the school with nothing. Of course you can bring your own tools, and learning techniques regarding some specific tools are available on request. 

There is no pre-requisite for enrolling into this class.  We welcome students at all levels.  (Our youngest student we had so far, was an 8 year old boy.) Guardians are welcome to attend with students.

You can choose a subject from our lesson programs or request something you are interested in, be it a one-day manga experience, drawing manga-type illustration with authentic manga tools, watercolor painting, or producing a one shot manga during a long course, etc. For details, please visit the program page.

The school might ask students who are taking a long course, or who wants to take a high level lesson to buy some manga tools. Or the teacher may possibly lend some tools to the students during a class.

Students who are taking a long course can access a video library of online courses and are permitted to join G+hangout Q&A sessions, just like an online course student.

Time table

Mon.- Fri. 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:00, 16:00 - 18:00 /17:30-19:30 or 18:30-20:30

Tuition (1 lesson = 2 hours) Under 5 years old child : free.
We don't accept a credit card. Please prepare cash.
Attention: We changed tuition of one person to 13,000
The new price will be applied to booking from 1st January.

1 People 13,000 yen (private lesson)

2-4 People 8,000 yen

Group rate

5-9 People 7,000 yen

10- People 5,000 yen

Application Procedure

1) Fill the application form: Online-Lesson / Standard Lesson

2) School sends you a confirmation email about the schedule. (When the date you chose had been booked already, the school will offer you another date. )

3)We emails you your schedule and payment request for deposit (1000 yen) You can pay with paypal or credit card. (Standard lesson) 

4)The school sends you a confirmation email about the payment. (We do not refund)

5)Come to the school in person.

6)Pay the rest of tuition before the class. (In cash)

*Please check if the availability of your preferred date and time here. Depending on the situation, we can arrange the special timetable for you. If you’d like, please contact us via e-mail, mangaschool.yazawa@gmail.com
If you have any question, feel free to send an e-mail with the subject "Inquiry".


When you cancel your lesson, school takes the deposit 1000 yen you paid as fees and expenses.
If you cancel the class, please inform us in 24 hours in advance. If the notice was done after the limit, Manga School Nakano will ask a cancellation fee (50% of the t).
(unless the circumstance was under unavoidable circumstances) 
If a student doesn't appear at a class without any prior notice, Manga School
Nakano will require 100% of the tuition as a cancellation charge. If this
request is refused, future classes will be cancelled. (unless the absence was
under unavoidable circumstances)

If the class is canceled because of Manga School Nakano, notice is sent to students 48 hours before the class. The tuition is carried over to the next lesson (by mutual agreement).
The deposit will be refunded in these case.


Either bank transfer/Paypal, the school may retain processing fees from the final balance to be paid out. 

Manga School Nakano offers the following tools to students.

Manga Paper A4 & B4

Mechanical pencil
Plastic eraser
G-pen nib
Maru-pen nib

Manga black ink
Line art pen 0.3 & 0.8
Brush Pen


Box-cutter knife
(We don’t have art knives)

Screen tones

Light box
Cutting Mat

Watercolor paper

You can also buy some basic tools at the school.

Tools which are available at Manga School Nakano

Manga-pen set. (A penholder, Gpen nib, Maru-pen nib, and Saji-pen nib x1)
Screen tone 250yen/sheet

Manga ink
Misnon (white liquid)

G-pen-nib box (10nibs)
Maru-pen nib box (10nibs)
Brush pen cartridges


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