Saturday, February 10, 2018

Intensive course in 2018, August

 for intermediate
5 People more until minimum number of participants right now.
Date:   August 20 – 24 
Level: Pre-Intermediate:For someone who has drawn/wanted to draw a story in a Manga format.
Contents: Total 10 lessons. 2 lessons (2 hours each)/day x 5 days.
Fee:      JPY 56,000 + JPY 2,000(*)
(*) 2,000 yen is for manga supplies. If you have them already, you don’t need to pay.
Manga supplies: Manga pen trial set, Brush pen, white ink brush, screen tone 3 sheets
★ This is actually a trial course. We have set the course at a special price because we want to see if it is possible to have it on a regular basis in the future. 
Regular price of the same lesson:  One-to-one  100,000 yen  
                                                        In a group(5-9 ppl)  70,000 yen/person. 
 You can save 20%! Don’t miss this chance! 
Application period:
          20th February - 20th June.
How to apply:
  1. 1)  Fill application web form.
  2. 2)  You will receive a confirmation email from school.
  3. 3)  We will email you when we have enough applicants by 30th June(*).
  4. 4)  Pay deposit.(**).(We'll send you money request email after this course is officially approved)
  5. 5)   The rest of tuition should be paid on the first day, in cash.

(*) The minimum amount of participants are 5 people. Maximum is 8.
If the number of applicants do not reach 5 people, this activity will be cancelled automatically. 
    (**Deposit will not be refunded when you cancel this activity. We’ll take it as a cancellation fee. 

Class 2
The production process of Manga.(lecture)
Timeline and episode's order.
Storyboard (ne-mu)  
Manga paper:
Inside frame and outside frame
Panel line etc.
Storyboard panel work.(lecture)
Composing methods:  
Hakogaki - episode order
Directional technique
Camera angle/movement
Character's point of view and camera positions, etc.

Quick lecture how to use pen and some practice.
(to get used to pen before graduation work)
Making 2-4 pages storyboard based on a pre-written story which the school will give to the student.
From story, make script and set page plan.
 (thinking the target/genre - depends on it, the direction should be changed)
Inking practice
Comment on homework.
Teacher will pick up some works, and the students explain his/her storyboard then discuss what is good and bad about their storyboard
●All students are given comments and they make second draft based on it.
Character creation.
1) Discuss and create one character concept. 

 Character design is not just about showing physical characteristics, but also thinking about their profile and background. 
2) According to the concept, students design the character. after short lecture about the various ways to design characters. Age, sex, personality, position etc. 

Complete character design, with several patterns like anime concept art.

Inking practice
Comment on homework, and discussion.
Teacher shows possible improvement.   
How the creator makes a concept and produces it as a drawing? 

How to draw human body. 
How to draw human body.

Anatomy, structure. How to move characters. 

Simple perspective idea to place characters on the ground. 
Drawing designed character according to the concept. 
Pay attention to angle, expression, perspective idea. 

Comment on homework.
Suggestions for improvement then redraw the homework and make the final draft.
Graduation work 1
Using the character whom the student designed, draw one scene or one page with panels(one or 2 pages), according to the concept.
Movement, expression, characters expression, construction etc.
(rough sketch for composition)
Get review by teacher.
Graduation work 2
Detailed pencil drawing.
Get teacher’s advice to improve
till the end of class.
Additional pen /brush pen/ tone work techniques.

Modify the design and complete pencil draft.

Graduation work 3
Graduation work 4
Beta, white, tone- finish.

Closing party?
*You can stay classroom for 2 hours (16:00-18:00) for work, if you would like.

Students can use take advantage of Wacom Creators College Club. It allows you buying some wacom products with special price from Wacom Japan.

If you have any questions, send message or leave comment here!

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