Monday, April 20, 2015

Online Lesson Schedule

Every Sunday / from 17th May 
If you are thinking to take it, apply now! 3 periods left.
1st 10:40-11:30  booked

2nd 12:00-12:50

3rd 13:20-14:10
or 14:00-14:50

4th 15:20-16:10 booked

5th 16:40-17:30 booked

5th 18:00-18:50

7th (19:10-20:00)

Japan Standard Time (UTC+09:00). () is possible time but not run at the moment.

2nd 12:00-12:50,

3rd 13:20-14:10 
or 14:00-14:50,

and 5th18:00-18:50 
lessons are available now.

Depends on the situation, we might activate 7th class, but we can't tell at the moment. 

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