Saturday, February 7, 2015

Manga Tools for each steps -Black and White-

Red letters mean "be not indispensable"

Pencil drawing characters
Pencil, Eraser, Paper (Light box)

Lightbox (You can use a glass table instead)

Inking of Panel
Line art pen 0.8-1.0, A long ruler

Inking character
Pen / Pen holder & Pen nib+Tissue (box/Toilet roll), Wash bin or line art pen
Here are some popular pen-nibs. If it is possible, I recommend you giving a try all of them and choice your favorite one. I use G-pen and Maru-pen

Most popper nib. Basically use to ink characters.

As G-pen, mainly it's use to ink characters. Harder touch than G-pen.

You can draw both thick and fine line.Basically it's use to draw fine lines, especially for shojyo manga.


For Maru-pen nib

Multi pen nib

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ペン軸"
Pencil Background
Pencil, Blue lead pencil,  Scotch tape, paper and a long ruler (for perspective)

Stencils, French curbs

Inking (Effect)
Rulers, Brush-pen,  pen&Ink, Pen, Line-art pen, (Pin, A rubber mat)

Inking (background)
Pen, Ink, rulers, Stencils, Line Art pen(0.1-0.5)
Pen & Ink, Brush-pen, Posca, Marker, Line Art pen (Pin and mat)

Beta & White
Eraser, Brush pen, Marker

White ink
Wash bin, White ink, Brush for White ink, Misnon


Screen tone
Art knife or Box cutter(I use both) Rub tone
Stylus /Rub-tone
Art knife

Tools which are available at Manga School Nakano

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